Need help to find the puppy type that suits you best?

We will always be happy to assist you in choosing the puppy type that suits you best.
No breed or mixed breed is perfect, but there’s one for everyone.
We have several types so we can help you choose the one that “Fits” with you …

Finding a dog for you is not something you do on a whim. First thing is to think about what you expect of a dog, what do you want from it, and also what you don’t. We must think of our restrictions at home, the time  we have available for this puppy, and so on.
It is essential to validate your knowledge of the breed or mixed breed that you want. The look is important but the behavior of dog you choose must also please. Each breed characteristics, qualities and its defects.
Things to avoid falling in love with a beautiful small ball of hair. Start by looking at the adults, make your choice from them.
A puppy is always beautiful and lovely, but it will grow looking physically and psychologically, like daddy and / or mommy. So they must please you, because if not, your puppy may not be the dog you really want.
You would certainly be tempted to adopt a puppy that is now available, because all humans like to have things they want, as soon as possible. But the “perfect puppy” you really need is not always the one available and it is better to wait a few months. A few months waiting for a dog that will give you love and joy for the next 10 years and over is not that long.

How to make reservation

It will be our pleasure to set up an appointment with you for a visit of our kennel. We will provide you with our best advice and guide you through the next steps of the adoption of your bundle of joy, your new puppy. 

We can also send you a reservation contract by Email. Send us an Email, indicating that you want to make a reservation . You will find a link to our Email on the page “to contact us”.

This way, we will have your exact address to return the contract for your reservation on which we will have taken care to supplement information of the reserved pup.

You will  have to fill it out with your information, sign it and send it back to us by email ,with an e-transfer of 340$ for deposit. It is also possible to send it by mail with a check or money order at the address indicated on the contract.

Here is an example of our reservation contract. We use it to give you a priority of choice for the puppy in the litter you want. On the 2nd page of the contract, you can read our puppy waranty. All our puppies come with a money back waranty * in the first 30 days for infectious diseases and for 2 years for congenital disorders.

Reservation Agreement Example

What is the advantage to reserve your puppy as soon as possible?

We apply the principle, the first to book a reservation, is the first to choose. By making a reservation with us, you book a priority in choosing a male or female puppy on the litter designated. This means that the person who has the  first choice on a male from a litter,is the first to pick his male puppy among all males in this litter. The person who has the second choice, chooses his puppy  among the remaining male , and so on. The same process is used in the choice of females.

In fact, the reservation is made to ensure a priority in choosing a puppy on a litter. When booking, it will therefore not be necessary to choose a puppy immediately. So it pays to book early to have the privilege of picking one of several puppies. It is even possible and preferable to reserve before the puppies are born.