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    Les Chiens du ÔRanch

On our web site, you will be able to shop for your puppy dog at your convenience.
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Available puppies  are raised with love and great care

All our puppies are carefully examined and vaccinated by our veterinarian. They are dewormed on a regular basis from the age of 2 weeks. All our puppies are sold with a money-back guarantee in the first 30 days for contagious diseases and 2 years for genetic disorders.

Our puppies are not registered with Kennel Clubs , We offer companion dogs.

Since we are registered with the governments as KENNEL BREEDERS , all our prices include taxes.

All our animals are fed with Oven-Baked. A bag of Oven-Baked will be given to you when  you take possession of your puppy.

All our animals have been medically followed by our veterinarian who specializes in animal reproduction.

A visit here, will convince you that there is no horror story as we see on TV.

You can easily consult the content of our kennel website and you will find the following

  • our reproducers (parents);
  • several puppies from previous litters;
  • of course, the puppies that are available now;*
  • our litters to come;
  • a simple description of the breeds which we raise (Pros and Cons);
  • legal documents, used for the reservation and the sale;
  • our guarantees;**
  • where we are located;
  • and more…

* It is presently difficult for us to photograph our puppies as often as we would like. We want to apologize to our customers and faithful visitors.

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Please contact us for more information.

819 563-2121 or toll free: 1-877-363-2121

It will be our pleasure to have you visit our kennel, by appointment only.

We are located in Ascot Corner, in Estrie, in Quebec, Canada. See the “contact us” page, for all the details. When you visit the kennels, you will see the passion we have for what we do (our priority is the comfort, well-being and health of our animals). You will be able to see the parents of your puppy.
Since there is no perfect breed that is appropriate for everyone, we have several breeds to meet the needs of each individual. If necessary, it would be a pleasure to help you in the choice of the breed which is most compatible with you. We can provide you with the information regarding the different breeds (character, physique, pros and cons)

It is always a pleasure to answer your questions (819) 563-2121 or tool free 1(877)363-2121We hope you had a good visit. Please visit again, our site is updated regularly.