Our Guarantees
The purchaser certifies to have received the medical notebook for vaccinations and dewormers at the same time as his pup, and to have taken knowledge of these documents. Moreover it certifies to have had the possibility of seeing and examining its pup with its whole suitability and satisfaction. It is thus without reserve that it states to accept its pup, with its characteristics (color of the dress, masks, teeth, eyes, etc) as well as the possible remarks indicated to the medical notebook.

During 30 days, after the departure date of the pup (+ 9 weeks), a guarantee of refunding is given to the purchaser against the mortality of his pup by contagious disease. In the event of death of the pup following contagious disease, during this lapse of time, It goes without saying the diagnosis of death will have to be confirmed by a veterinary surgeon, with a report/ratio of autopsy. All expenses of veterinary surgeon and/or specialist will be assumed by the purchaser.

A guarantee of refunding is also given to the purchaser against the death in the first 24 months of existence of the pup following a congenital disease disorder. This will have to appear in the report/ratio of autopsy carried out by the veterinary surgeon. All expenses of veterinary surgeon and/or specialist will be assumed by the purchaser.

As the genetics is an unforeseeable and not-controllable science, the breeder releases himself from any responsibility in the event of cryptorchism or unilateral cryptorchism (absence of one or two testicles in the males), or misses teeth during final teeth.

The microchip number of the animal concerned should be indicated on any transmitted document.

Be assured that in the event of death of your dog, we will be as much affected than you. Know that we will have put all our love to bring your pup in good health until the day of its departure on your premise. The clauses of guarantee here before stated will hardly attenuate your sorrow, we are certain, but they must exist to avoid any misunderstanding or any opposition of a strictly financial nature between us