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With cage 25″x17″x20″ for 190$ taxes included

With cage 31″x19″x22″ pour 210$ taxes included

Puppy and dog accessories included in our starter kits

Two door Hunter folding cage

Cages pliantes hunter deux portes

The kennel which you have just chosen will give your pet the security he needs while you are away from home and provide him with a place of its own to retreat to once in a while when he wants quietness away from the too busy household. .This foldable two-door cage is made with extra-strong steel, sturdy 3 to 5 mm wire with a 28mm spacing between each wire. The epoxy paint features a hammertone finish for a great look and easy maintenance. Doors are located on the front and the side allowing easy access and control of the animal and the most convenient positioning of the cage in the house or in the car..A plastic pan is included. and we recommend that you buy an extra pan to make instant cleaning of the kennel easier. Easily folded, it is very convenient. All with a guide sheet for use and do’s and don’ts tips so that your pet will be thoroughly happy in his house.

Tie-out cable – small dog

Câble d’attache – petit chien

Made in Quebec, this galvanized steel tie-out cable is a great high quality item, limiting pets to a security range. It is coated in blue vinyl for weather resistance and easy cleaning. Zinc die cast and nickel plated swivel snaps on each end are designed without a loop, which tend to snag skin and fur. Their heavy-duty composition is twice as resistant, ensuring a solid attachment to keep small dogs from straying

48″ nylon lead

Laisse en nylon 48
Practical, affordable and durable, this one of many high quality leashes made in Montreal by Hunter Brand. Made out of flat or doubled nylon, they are available in bleu, red, green, black. This short variety allows very little freedom of movement; it is suitable for training and may be used during grooming.. A bolt snap clips allow quick, efficient and solid attachment during travel.

2 bols en acier inoxydable.

Ces items hygiéniques permettent un entretien facile et peuvent être nettoyés au lave-vaisselle. Ce modèle avec relief en forme de pattes est bordé de caoutchouc anti-dérapant.

Hunter single nylon collar

Collier nylon simple hunterPractical, affordable and durable, this is one of many high quality collars made in Montreal by Hunter Brand. Made out of flat single thickness or doubled nylon, this classic model is available in bleu, red, green, black. A metal buckle and a ”D” ring allow for quick adjustment and solid attachment.

Hunter shampoo – tearless

shampooing hunter – sans larmes Enriched with Aloe, this baby powder scented formula has mild and efficient cleaning agents that help bring out the beauty and shine in all coats. It is part of a complete line of Hunter shampoos and products specifically developed with pets in mind, cleaning gently and thoroughly. Its addition of natural ingredients, protein hydrolysate, and a perfect PH balance ensure lively, supple fur. It is suitable for dogs, cats and other small furry animals.

Slicker brush

brosse étrille hunterUltra soft metal pins are curved to naturally remove loose hair while smoothing the fur. Not only does a weekly use reduce shedding, but it stimulates circulation and airs out the skin, encouraging the growth of a healthy coat. Its compact size makes it perfect for grooming hard to reach areas. Textured rubber on a plastic handle ensures greater control and comfort..

Or depending on the type of dog

Ear cleaner

Nettoyeur d’oreille
It cleans without affecting the balance of the skin with a soft and non-ionic surfactant.

Resco nail trimmer

Coupe-griffes resco – chrome
This easy-to-use guillotine-style nail trimmer makes grooming safe and stress-free. A spring-loaded mechanism facilitates the task, unlike scissors that need to be opened and closed. It requires less pressure and ensures a more positive cutting action

Hunter cotton rope – colored, 2 knots

Corde de coton – colorée, 2 noeuds
Great for tug-o-war, this classic rope toy amuses pets for hours while it helps maintain good dental health. It cleans teeth, promoting healthier gums and reducing tartar. It is beneficial in the prevention of periodontal diseases and encourages proper chewing behavior. It satisfies natural instincts, allowing dogs stay busy, relaxed, happy and healthy. This item is made entirely of non-toxic cotton, machine washable cotton.

Blanket with the smell of the kennel