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Sterilization is the solution!

THE PROBEM OF OVER POPULATION OF DOGS AND CATS IN Quebec, is everyone's responsibility.
We are convinced that STERILIZATION  and PERMANENT IDENTIFICATION (microchip)  is THE SOLUTION. If all puppies and kittens were neutered  and identified at a early age, a few years the problem of overpopulation would be solved.
In order to encourage all our customers to sterilize and identify their pets.
We offer to take care of all the procedures for the sterilization and identification of their new companion and at a great price.
For more information, please contact us.

Our make reservation:
Best the way of making a reservation is well cavity to take appointment to come to visit us. At the time of this visit, we will be able to introduce to you the parents of your future pup. You will even be able of the fact, to note the quality of our breeding and of the environment in which our animals live. And thereafter, to take arrangement for the reservation of your pup.

However, as it is not always possible for you, to come to visit us several times, we can forward to you the contract of reservation by Émail.
It been enough for you to forward to us an Email, indicating to us that you want to make a reservation by Émail. You will find a bond for our Enamel on the page  “to join to us”.
In this way, we will have your exact address to turn over you the contract of reservation on which we will have taken care to supplement information of the reserved pup.
You will not have whom has to make it print, to supplement your co-ordinates, to sign it and to forward it to us by the post office with your deposit of 100$ (cheque or mandate posts), with the address indicated on the contract.
In this way, you will not have whom only one only time has to move you, to come to seek your pup, when it is ready. It should be noted that at the time of the departure of the pup, only the money or a certified cheque will be accepted.

Here we present our reservation contract. We use it to give you a priority choice puppy in the letter you want.
It should be noted that a depositing $ 100 (symbol of good faith on both sides) is requested for a reservation.
You can view the standard contract by clicking Here  


All our puppies are now sold with a money back guarantee * in the first 30 days for contagious diseases and for 2 years for genetic disorders. You can view the standard contract by clicking
You can view the terms of the guarantee by clicking Here


What is the advantage to reserve your puppy as soon as possible?
We apply the principle, the first book, the first to choose.
By making a reservation with us, you book a priority in choosing a male or female puppy on the letter designated.
This means that the person to first choice of a male on a letter, to Pick his male puppy among all males in their letter. The person who chooses the second choice puppy are among the remaining male puppies, and so on. The same process is used in the choice of females.
In fact, the reservation is made will ensure a priority in choosing a puppy on a letter. When booking, it will therefore not necessary to choose a puppy immediately.
So it pays to book early to have the privilege of Pick one of several puppies. It is even possible and preferable to reserve before the puppies are born.


We will always be happy to assist you in choosing the race that suits you best.
No race is perfect. No race is suitable for everyone.
We have several races just to give you that "Fit" with you ...

Find the dog for you is not something to do on a whim.
The first thing to do is think about what is expected of a dog, what you want it, but what does not. We must think of our restrictions as the home, the time that we have available for this puppy, and so on.
It is essential to validate your knowledge of the races that you draw. The look is important but the behavior of dog you choose must also please. Each breed characteristics, qualities and its defects.
Thing to avoid falling in love with a beautiful small ball of hair. Start rather see adults, make your choice from them.
A puppy is always beautiful and lovely, but it will look growing physically and psychologically, candy and / or mom. So they must please you, because if not, your puppy may not be the dog you really want.


You would certainly tempted by a puppy ready, because all humans like to have as soon as possible thing they want, but just the thing you really want the puppy "perfect" is not always available it is preferable to provide a few months waiting for a real dog for you. A few months waiting for a dog that you appreciate more than 10 years is not long ....

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact us.

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